(re)Source, an investigation-in-process (Trailer)


MBDance Artist-in-Residence Showcase at Brooklyn Arts Exchange I April 27, 2018

(re)Source, an investigation-in-progress, is an improvisatory piece wherein Bauman dances, sings, and talks through what it takes to survive Trump’s U.S., the assets in her family, and what her research on maroons and on her own ancestors has to do with all of that. She is using improvisation and “if/then” propositions within performance because those mirror her experiences of ducking, weaving, and “making it.” Bauman has made a large, 3-D installation from yarn, shells, and paper—an abstracted family tree based on her reconstruction of family histories–and she dances with, in spite of, and through it. Audience members sit within the installation. Twenty-nine chairs are pre-set and the rest of the attendees are invited to take a folding chair and place it wherever they like, adding to the unique landscape for the (re)Source, an investigation-in-process each night.

“He ate all of it and his eyes began to swell because it made him even hungrier than he was before. The more he ate, the hungrier he became. So he ate the rest of the delegation. Only one person escaped. And that person was our great-great-great-grandfather. He knew the secret of making himself invisible. He was the one who came back and told the world what had happened…”
-Ben Okri, The Famished Road

Conceived of and danced by Maria Bauman
Spoken Text by Maria Bauman
Installation by Maria Bauman, including printed text from Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni, John Irving, Audre Lorde, Jamaica Kincaid, Kaye Gibbons, and David Sedaris
Costume by Maria Bauman (design) and Designs by Jefferion (construction)
Soundscape by Shea Rose and Maria Bauman, with assistance by Alicia Raquel and samples from Mrs. Emma Wells, TaShawnta Wells, Donald Trump, and Billy Bush
Lighting for the showing by Emma Rivera

This work is being created in part through the generous Brooklyn Arts Exchange Artist in Residence program with support from the Jerome Foundation.